VIS COBRA 3×4 m is a professional parasol with easy and effort-free crank opening/closing system.

Durable and stable high-quality side pole aluminum frame in anthracite color provides maximum space efficiency. Its canvas (fabric) part with adjustable angle can be easily rotated 360 degrees.

High quality long-lasting VIS long life PES parasol fabric with optimal air flow on its top part provides the ideal heat and UV protection.

Decorative plastic pockets connect canvas to the frame providing a firm and long-lasting grip of canvas with frame.

Metal cross base in the same anthracite color as the Cobra parasol frame is included in the price.


Concrete blocks for metal cross base are not included in the price. In order to ensure parasol stability, it is mandatory to use metal cross base with 4 concrete blocks (size 50cmx50cm each, max height 5cm), one for each metal cross section. Recommended weight of each concrete block is min 18 kg.

You can download the User Manual from the following link: USER MANUAL “COBRA” PARASOL