About us

VIS is an innovative and recognizable company with tradition in producing textile ever since 1929. As the leading regional manufacturer of natural and artificial fibres, VIS places the customer and his satisfaction at the focus of its business philosophy.

In order to satisfy the wishes and demands of all customers, the company’s production is based on a modern printing and textile processing technology. Due to investments and modernization, the entire manufacturing process, from weaving to the finished product, is done according to the highest standards of quality and in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

Basic competitive advantages of VIS are reflected in rounded manufacturing process – from weaving the fabric to finished products, because this is the process which enables the quality control at each stage of production and accelerated process of producing finished products. 

Thanks to the quality of the products, the implementation of modern technological processes and the orientation towards the customer, VIS today is one of the leading manufacturers of promotional and technical textile products in Europe.

VIS’ mission is to design and manufacture promotional and other textile products whose particular advantages will enhance its customers’ own value.

VIS is aware that its mission can only be made possible if each of its employees is able to offer an “additional service”, that is, to dedicate special care to the excellence of the product itself. VIS’ common task is to protect and improve the social responsibility of the company itself during this process, and contribute to the protection of the environment.

VIS’ vision is to become a leading company globally for the manufacture of promotional and other textile products, as well as to introduce new standards in textile manufacturing.

since 1929.

90 year tradition

Designed in Austria

Made in Croatia


Quality & Support

“We guarantee the highest quality of workmanship, using the latest technology.”

VIS’s vision is to become a global leader in the production of promotional textile products and the introduction of new standards in the fabric industry. Our desire is to create an innovative and recognizable company, the heir to the centuries-old tradition of Varaždin fabric processing, and thus become a symbol of Varaždin and Croatia.


VIS is the only regional manufacturer of natural and artificial fiber fabrics. The fabric manufacturing process includes:

  • weaving
  • preparing fabric for printing
  • printing fabric:
    • rotary printing
    • screen printing
    • industrial automatic flat printing
    • printing in digital technology
  • fabric dyeing
  • fabric finishing: UV protection, water repellent, watertight, anti-static on dirt and dust, antifungicidal.
  • VIS makes tailoring and sewing of umbrellas and other types of fabrics, makes and assembles umbrella structures and manufactures ready-made promotional products.

A professional promotional umbrella is our most important product. With promotional umbrellas we produce umbrellas, flags, banners, aprons …

Rounded production process – from weaving fabrics to finished products.

  • Quality control after each stage of production and own laboratory for testing the quality of raw materials and finished fabrics.
  • Daily laboratory control of the physical and chemical properties of raw materials for production as well as finished products.

Varaždin’s professional staff is traditionally the textile area and the largest source of skilled and educated workers. VIS is constantly investing in the education and training of its employees, thus boosting their creativity and efficiency, which ensure the prosperity of the company and the standard of living, but also constant innovation and market philosophy without which our customers will not succeed.

Printing Technologies:

  • automatic industrial printing with full color technique, full color punching and effect. Ability to print larger surfaces at the same time. Capacities for mass production and fast printing of large prints.
  • digital printing technology – a “full color” technique for the most demanding solutions to customer preferences.

Finishing technologies:

Depending on the needs of the customers, we offer all levels of finishing of the fabric: UV protection, water repellent, waterproof, antistatic to dirt and dust, antifungicidal. Today, it is especially important that the umbrella fabric has protection from the sun’s UV rays, which are becoming more harmful and dangerous to human health from year to year. VIS Long Life and VIS UV Guard fabric have full UV protection.

The mission of VIS is to design and realize promotional textile products that will create added value to its users.

We are aware that our mission will be fulfilled if we allow each of our employees to provide a “service more”, that is, to pay particular attention to product excellence. Our common task in this process is to preserve and enhance corporate social responsibility and to make a special contribution to environmental protection.

Our sales team consists of sales team leaders, key customer leaders, and sales representatives.

Fast and professional support to all customers is crucial for all segments of the VIS business and is the core task of our sales team. Keeping in constant communication with customers, our sales representatives are successfully looking for solutions that can stimulate their business.

Environmental protection is an integral part of our mission and one of the fundamental postulates of business.

In accordance with this guideline, we apply the strict environmental standards of the most developed markets in the production process. In more sensitive dyeing processes, we use the colors of the world’s most renowned suppliers that have a certificate of environmental safety. We take day-to-day care of the rational use of energy and natural resources. It is our constant obligation to dispose of waste according to environmental standards and to specify its useful use.

Post-sales support is part of the overall offering to help customers innovate their business by applying our solutions.

If necessary, we provide service on site or at our factory premises, be it finishing or specific requirements. We offer hotels and catering facilities a service of washing and maintaining used umbrellas after the season, replacing the canvas on used correct structures and the like.

Post-sales customer support:

  • service
  • umbrella hotel for winter
  • washing and maintaining used umbrellas, changing canvas